Saturday, May 29, 2010

TeaPartyHD to Live Stream Ann Coulter Event

Link TeaPartyHD

TeaPartyHD is an ambitious project with the goal of establishing an online news network that is crowd sourced and crowd powered. This goal is reflected in the two slogans it has adopted: “Real News. Real Raw. Real Time” and “Your Voice. Your Values. Your Vote”. TeaPartyHD is looking for video contributors and content producers around the country who are looking for an opportunity to both showcase their work and help report the news in their area that the media can’t or won’t report. If you are interested in being an anchor for TPHD or if you or your organization is interested in having a channel of your own on the network, be sure to sign up for an email subscription as we will be moving quickly to establish our reporting network.

The evening’s event is brought to you by the National Fiscal Conservative PAC. In addition to the launch of TeaPartyHD there will be roll-out information on other new projects as well that will launch in the near future including The Greatest Debate, a tool empowering you to host your own debates, forums and townhall meetings;Votility, a tool to get and stay informed on the progress of all Federal legislation; and,Raising It Right, a tool for candidates, organizations and merchants to raise money online. All in all, this will be a full and exciting evening.