Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Thank you Ron Ramsey, it's music to taxpayer ears

Even on the campaign trail it is not common to hear a candidate talk openly and unequivocally about cutting state government departments and employees. Ron Ramsey is doing just that and it sure is nice to hear. Yes, its campaign talk but still, just to hear a candidate willing to calmly and clearly talk about reducing government in specific, quantitative terms is very encouraging.

Of course you will NEVER hear Democrats risk offending the TSEA and the TEA with such talk. They simply can not afford to offend these two powerful constituencies. Unfortunately the Democrats have long ago hitched their wagon to the bigger government star. Republicans have not been much better, they will normally only talk about reducing government in vague terms and most will not vote for smaller government when push come to shove.

Ron Ramsey's unapologetic and very specific advocacy of less government is sure nice to hear. Especially at a time when family budgets are like carrion to so many government vultures.