Sunday, May 16, 2010

TN Government secrecy is WRONG and must be stopped

Why do all four Gubernatorial candidates, Republican and Democrat, favor unjustifiable secrecy? Because they want to be able to buy votes with taxpayer money just like their predecessors. They will stand up at the big grand opening press conference and tell us how they "created jobs" when in fact all they did was to bribe large corporations with boatloads of taxpayer money. However, some members of the press will believe them and praise them for economic development. This is NOT economic development, it is BRIBERY.

Kudos to Rick Locker and Tom Humphrey for highlighting this illegal practice, at least it SHOULD be illegal.

What is really going on? Politicians negotiating in total secrecy (secret even from the legislators who appropriate the money) with huge multinational corporations to give away the hard earned taxpayer money of Tennesseans so these large corporations will have an advantage over existing Tennessee businesses who have actually been creating jobs for many years.