Sunday, May 02, 2010

Why be optimistic? Freedom and Human Dignity

The pompous, pandering peacocks in Congress have done tremendous damage to our Country. Our hope for the future is not there, it is where it always has been, in the hearts and minds of a free citizenry who desire nothing more than to live their lives in quiet dignity.

Why be optimistic about the economy when the federal government has created such uncertainty, has immersed itself into the health care industry, and is about to attempt to micromanage the financial industry? For two reasons. First, as noted above, the market capitalist system is extraordinarily resilient. There are massive incentives to figure out how to make the best of a bad situation. Second, it appears that people have been awakened to the massive government intervention that is a drag on the economy. This may well result in the restoration of rule of law, individual liberty and responsibility, and limited government, which are essential to a market economy. This will require effort on the part of those dedicated to liberty and the creation of wealth for the masses through the institution of market capitalism, but the time is ripe for restoration of a free society in America and the expanding economy that will result.