Saturday, June 05, 2010

Michigan School performs play about Revolution, Tea Party

Revolution? Tea Party? It sounds so subversive!!

The play covered a lot of history. The setting is Boston in 1773 during a boycott of three British ships full of tea anchored in the harbor. The students portrayed the Sons of Liberty, who decide to take action. The children of Boston help spread the message of a secret meeting, which leads to the dumping of the tea in the harbor and the infamous Boston Tea Party.

Later scenes deal with the reaction of King George of England, who responds with the Intolerable Acts. He raises taxes without representation leading to the rise of the revolution.

The entire production was creative beginning with the costuming. Baseball pants became knickers, mothers and grandmothers' fancy vests were donned, parliamentary wigs, tri-corn hats and Tory-red, cutaway coats rounded out the boys' apparel. Little girls wore flowery long dresses with aprons, while mop caps covered their heads.

Ollie Lenhardt portrayed a captain in the British militia. He said he learned a lot about the revolution through the play.

Ollie wasn't the only one who felt that way. Isaac Miller said he didn't know why he was chosen to play King George, but he was pleased.