Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spring Hill approves a NO TAX HIKE Budget

Where there is a will to cut spending, there is a way to avoid tax hikes. And, you know what, tomorrow morning in Spring Hill, the sun will rise just like it always has and the birds will be chirping just like normal.

To avoid the tax hike, board members made several cuts, including slashing road paving costs in half by about $225,000 and deciding to add seven instead of nine new police cruisers.

The board even decided to slice in half the number of annual contributions it makes to various boards, clubs and organizations, such as the Maury Alliance and the city’s Chamber of Commerce. Those cuts resulted in about $33,000 worth of savings.

Lay said another $230,000 was saved in the general fund that would have been used to pay off debt in the water and sewer account. Instead, the city was able to take that amount from a portion of adequate facilities tax collections that the city normally uses to pay off its share of costs for the Williamson County Longview Recreation Center. Because the county refinanced the payment plan on the Recreation Center, Lay the city was able to save on its payments for the project.