Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Tea Party News Headlines for Wednesday June 9

A Sampling of Tea Party Headlines across the US

Video: Chris Matthews profiles Tea Party Activist Anna Puig and Kitchen Table Patriots

Angle Win Sets First True Tea Party vs. Obama Fight

'Tea Party' Favorite Tom Graves Elected to Fill Remainder of Nathan Deal's Term in Congress (GA)

Tea party groups face some internal divisions over contested primaries

Florida "Tea Party" becoming an issue

Tea Party having little impact in N.J.

ME GOV: Tea Party Favorite LePage Wins GOP nod

South Carolina Tea Party hopeful Nikki Haley wins gov race

Tea party organizer elected to lead Richland GOP (OH)

Michael Barone: The transformative power of Rick Santelli's rant

Tea Party is creating waves for Republicans

Video: Hannity, Tea Party support swelling

Video: Chris Matthews, Could Tea Party hurt Republicans?