Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Village Voice: Black Parents vs Teacher Unions

Kudos to Nat Hentoff. The largest obstacle to quality education for Black Students is the political power of the teacher's unions and the status quo education bureaucracy.

Link HT: Newsalert
As a union man since I organized my first union at 15 during the so-called Great Depression at a Boston candy store that employed students on nights and weekends—and then helped unionize radio station WMEX in Boston where I became shop steward—I am plain disgusted at the low point that the union crusade against charter schools has reached. Dig this from an April 29 Daily News editorial: "[The teachers' unions] perniciously turned the world on its head by complaining that, because charter schools are concentrated in poor minority neighborhoods, they segregate 'African-Americans and Latino students in a separate school system.' " Bill Perkins also makes this "segregation" charge.