Thursday, July 22, 2010

Liberal Bloggers: Tea Party is a bunch of nuts...but take them seriously

“The thing that has me most concerned is the overarching theme on our side that we should dismiss [the tea party] because they’re nuts. And we do that at our own peril,” said Adele Stan, Washington bureau chief for the liberal site AlterNet. She spoke at a session titled “Right-wing Populism and the Tea Parties.”

The people here should know a bit about being viewed as a fringe movement. Now in its fifth year, Netroots Nation, has grown into an established part of the Democratic Party’s grassroots. It’s taken seriously enough that both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will speak here Saturday, among others.


“After the 2008 election we were all celebrating, but we also became complacent,” said liberal blogger David Neiwert. “The right never gives up.”

“The answer to the tea party is to activate the populist wing of the progressive movement,” he said. “We need to seize on [the public’s frustration] ourselves and channel it to our movement.”