Thursday, July 08, 2010

National Tea Party News Headlines for Thursday July 8

A Sampling of Tea Party Headlines across the US

Video: Metro KC tea party protesters welcome Obama (MO)

Local group lands Glenn Beck as speaker (IN)

The Tea Party's Legacy Goes Beyond the 2010 Elections

Residents take part in ‘tea party’ (MT)

Brookings-Harbor Tea Party declares independence(OR)

Lots of tea partiers in Kansas

Naples won’t investigate Tea Party vs. Democrats parade fireworks on July 4

Chamber, 'tea party' find a Democrat to endorse (ID)

Time for "Tea Party" in Douglas (AZ)

Local Tea Party group conducts straw poll (GA)

PBS NewsHour Two Part Report on the GOP and the Tea Party
Republican Party Faces Ideological Rifts Ahead of Election Season (Part 1)

Tea Party Ideology Driving a Wedge in Republican Party Politics (Part 2)