Sunday, July 11, 2010

National Tea Party News Headlines for Sunday July 11

A Sampling of Tea Party Headlines across the US

Colorado River Tea Party Hosts Candidate Forum (AZ)

GOP, tea party rallies on Paul's schedule

FNC Video: Devon Minnema, 14-year-old Tea Party member organizing events in California

Local friends form Winter Haven chapter of nonpartisan group (FL)

Repeal 17th Amendment?

AP: Paul says Tea Party reflects mainstream ideas

Tea Party Activists Push Philly Mayor to Renew City's Contract With Immigration on Arrest Records

Tea parties leave messages for Brown (MA)

Tea party has GOP candidates' attention (MI)

Why Dino Rossi isn't courting the tea party (WA)

NELA Tea Party Vets District 5 Candidates (LA)

Making Reaganism fit for a tea party (David Broder column)

Ky Freedom Festival brings Tea Party movement to Frankfort

Tea Party rally calls for limited government (Wallkill. NY)

Tea Party has chance of Georgia success in unusual election year

Blogger face-off: Like Sen. Graham said, will the Tea Party movement die out?