Thursday, July 15, 2010

National Tea Party News Headlines for Thursday July 15

A Sampling of Tea Party News Headlines across the US

Dick Morris rallies crowd at TEA party (AR)

Video: Dana Loesch on Larry King: Tempers Flare in Tea Party Discussion

Tea Party supporters in West Delray Beach press GOP governor hopeful Rick Scott on financial issues

Missouri Senate continues to block vote on Ford bill

Residents show up to oppose proposed tax hike (GA)

Rand Paul hopes for 'Tea Party Caucus' in Senate

NPR: Tea Party: It's Not Just Taxes, It's The Constitution

Obama-Hitler Billboard Covered Up In Iowa

Tea Party protesting policies, not jobs (MI)

TEA Party scheduled July 17 in Rockwall (TX)

BREAKING: Tea Party likely to get on ballot (MI)

Tea party stirring up controversy (GA)