Monday, July 26, 2010

National Tea Party News Headlines for Monday July 26

A Sampling of Tea Party Headlines across the US

Tea Party may hold key to second-half market rally

2 area Tea Party groups rename themselves to reflect wider membership (TX)

SB 1070 supporters out in force at East Valley TEA Party (AZ)

Colorado Tea Partyers say Tancredo betrayed them

Parrott building off TEA Party activism

Mark Williams Sorry For “Sloppy Execution” Of Racial Blog Posting

Can Web Activism Fight the Tea Party?

Protesters calling themselves the 'real' Tea Party rally in Lansing (MI)

Memo to Tea Partiers: Serious about Deficits? Don't Spare the Pentagon!

Phillips to speak at Tea Party event (NY)

Republican governor hopeful Rick Lazio lagging as GOPers show support
for Carl Paladino (NY)

Tea party group taking bus in D.C. (OH)

Ken Buck insults tea party birthers