Thursday, July 01, 2010

Tea Party News Headlines for Thursday July 1

A Sampling of Tea Party News Headlines across the US

Tea party power swaying centrists?

Tea party chucking another favorite

Events in July will help Tea Party members organize in Louisiana

Republicans, Tea Party Members Seek Answers On Jobs (WI)

Sam Alito: The Tea Party justice

Bucking GOP Establishment In Colorado Senate Race

Video: Stand up Comedy at Rockford Ill Tea Party

Another Tea Party enigma: foreign policy

Tea Party rally draws number of speakers (IL),lake-county-teaparty-070110-s1.article

UNYTEA sets Malone organizational meeting (NY)

Tea Party candidates meet in Benson (AZ)

Trailing in gubernatorial polls, Bill McCollum declares: I was "Tea Party before there was a Tea Party'

Tea Party Continues In Fight To Fly Flag (CT)

Dover tea party draws about 80 (DE)