Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Eurosclerosis Comes to America

Great article by Casey Mulligan. As the federal government becomes more "compassionate" (read buy votes) they are making employment more unattractive because accepting a job means losing more handouts.
Job-stagnation is the result. Job openings increase along with the number of unemployed.

The new home-buyer tax credit, the enhanced food-stamp program and many other programs in President Obama’s stimulus bill are much the same: people without low incomes need not apply. People accepting jobs in this economy see their various safety-net benefits reduced or eliminated.

Payments to the unemployed are compassionate, and maybe even the best government reaction to a deep recession. But previous economic research has shown that this compassion has a cost: programs like these make it more difficult for employers to fill their job openings. It is no surprise that adopting a European safety net is giving us a European unemployment problem.