Sunday, August 08, 2010

Hope and Change in Tennessee at the local level

Elephants roar in Rutherford County

Republicans firmly planted their flag in Rutherford County Thursday night by sweeping all six county government constitutional offices.

GOP sweeps Hamblen

Hamblen County Republicans fired all their cannons at once on Thursday, placing local Democrats on the political endangered-species list. When the smoke cleared, Republicans had eliminated Democrats from the Hamblen County Commission and captured every countywide office.

14 new county commissioners in Washington County

Eldridge said one of the most consistent things he has heard from Washington Countians is they want to see change. While he believes much of it is a spillover effect of their dissatisfaction with the federal government, he realizes a lot of that impacts local government. 
“The voters desire to really see things change in Washington County. They are frustrated with government in general and they’re ready to see things change.”