Sunday, August 22, 2010

Michigan Democrats embarrassed by Fake Tea Party

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Democrats want one of their own fired after he tried to create a fake tea party to pull votes away from Republicans. Of course, they had to take action after the County Clerk uncovered the fraud.

Democrats on the Oakland County Board of Commissioners Saturday called for the removal of a county Democratic Party employee in the wake of allegations of fraud by Oakland County Clerk Ruth Johnson a day earlier. 
Commissioner Dave Coulter, D-Ferndale, said in an e-mail Saturday that Democratic commissioners approved the following statement: 
“Democrats on the Board of Commissioners are very concerned about allegations that an employee of the county party may have had a role in fraudulent Tea Party candidate filings. We have been strong advocates for open and transparent county government, and there is no place in our politics where deception can be tolerated. Without commenting on the legal merits of these accusations, we ask for the immediate removal of Jason Bauer as an employee of the Oakland County Democratic Party. Our caucus members and candidates demand the highest ethical standards of ourselves, our government and our party, and any violation of those standards must have real and significant consequences.”