Sunday, August 08, 2010

More wealthy migrate south to avoid tax hikes

WHAT! The "wealthy" (anyone with more money than you have) making decisions about their own enlightened self-interest...shouldn't that be illegal? Look for Barack Obama to suddenly become interested in border security if this keeps up, i.e., Blue State borders.

For years, wealthy retirees from high-tax states in the Northeast and Midwest have been streaming to sunny, low-tax Florida. That stream is now turning into a flood.
“We haven't had a situation like this in quite a few years,” said Greg Rosica, a tax partner at Ernst & Young LLP. 
“We have this impending tax increase, and people are trying to looking for ways to hide from that, but they're not seeing many from the federal perspective. One of the ways they're looking to do it is changing their state income tax rate,” Mr. Rosica said.
“This move to no-tax states is absolutely big business,” said Thomas Handler, a partner at the law firm Handler Thayer LLP. “People are doing it all day long, and it's ramping up.”