Thursday, September 30, 2010

New website says Corker is a hero, Alexander is a hooligan on spending

Ricketts launched a new organization and website today that tracks earmarks requested by lawmakers and dubs members of Congress “hooligans” or “hero’s” based on their history with earmarks. The campaign is called Taxpayers Against Earmarks and is being run with the help of Washington public-relations firm The Herald Group.

Ricketts plans to promote the website as a way to give the voters more information about whether their local lawmakers are requesting earmarks. “We are bringing to the light of day the earmark issue [and] allowing people to see what they are,” Ricketts said in an interview.

Governing Mag: State Legislative outlook for Democrats worsens

In our new assessment -- the second of three we will do before Election Day -- we find 28 chambers "in play," a net increase of one from July. Of the 28, the Democrats currently control 25, with just one held by the GOP and two currently tied. (Chambers that are rated tossups and lean Democratic/lean Republican are considered to be "in play.")

As we indicated in July, this is a terrible combination for the Democrats -- both an unusually large number of chambers are in play at the same time (32 percent of all chambers up this cycle -- the highest percentage recorded in the five cycles this author has been handicapping the legislatures), and there's a startlingly unprecedented lean toward one party, the GOP.

In none of the previous five cycles -- which included two national wave elections (2006 and 2008) and a heavily anti-incumbent cycle for governors (2002) -- was there ever this wide a difference in projected risk between the two parties. Instead, the typical ratio of vulnerable chambers between the parties has been close to even.

Companies leaving California in Record Numbers

Why are we angry? One more reason

Like everything the Congress touches, the postal service is a politicized and bureaucratized and unionized witch's brew. It is government absurdity on display 24/7 for every taxpayer to see. It is contribution seeking Congressmen and power hungry union bosses and budget slight of hand all rolled up into one more government disaster. And they ask: Why are you angry? They should be asking, Why are you not much, much angrier?

Washington The Postal service close to going broke

National Tea Party News Headlines for Thursday September 30

A Sampling of National Tea Party News Headlines

Grayson Subpoenaed On Fla. Tea Party Company Payments

Barack Obama’s war on the Tea Party is doomed to fail

Tea Party's roots lie in backlash against Obama

Delaware Race Is Bellwether: All Politics Is National

Doheny gets Tea Party endorsement (NY)

Murkowski Targets Tea Party Express In Latest Ad

Tea & Crackers. How Corporate Interests And Republican Insiders Built
The Tea Party Monster

Busy week for Jersey Shore Tea Party

Restore America Rally to be Held in Lincoln (NE)

Congressman: Election of Tea Party Candidates a problem for Ag Bills

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

AP: 47 Dems side with GOP on keeping investment taxes low


The lawmakers, led by Rep. John Adler, D-N.J., have sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying they strongly support extending the current tax rates on capital gains and dividends.
"Raising taxes on capital gains and dividends could discourage individuals and businesses from saving and investing," said the letter, dated Friday and released Tuesday. "We urge you to maintain the current tax rate for both dividend and long-term capital gains taxes."

National Tea Party News Headlines for Wednesday September 29

A Sampling of National Tea Party Headlines

Tea Party Coloring Book Prompts Death Threats

FreedomWorks Looks To Expand Tea Party Playing Field

Tea-Party Movement Gathers Strength

Can The Tea Party Govern?

Solano tea party hosting Halloween rally Oct. 30 (CA)

Joe Biden Defines Midterm Election Stakes: Democrats Vs. Tea Party

Tea Party Express returning to Alaska to back Miller

Tea party darling runs for Ky. secretary of state

Tea Party Has Elites on the Run

Jacksonville City Council in deadlock on property tax rate hike

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Kit-Kat Job Creation Program, Obama's new initiative?


National Tea Party News Headlines for Tuesday September 28

A Sampling of National Tea Party Headlines

Tea Party Movement A Political Tsunami, Thanks To Internet

Mass Senate President Therese Murray slams Tea Party as ‘nutcases’

Tea Party energy fuels GOP optimism (OH)

Tea Party Express announces last bus tour

Attacking the Tea Party head-on would be a strategic mistake for both
major parties

'Tea party' is rejuvenating American politics

Dold: Campaign worker asked for low rating from tea party (IL)

Tea party group opposing 2 Florida justices

Today's Tea Party Isn't Quite Like 1773's

Tea Party group divides in two in Abilene

Monday, September 27, 2010

Video: Mourning in America

National Tea Party News Headlines for Monday September 27

A Sampling of National Tea Party Headlines

AP: Tea party Politics Swaying Louisiana Elections

Tea Party rallies for local support (NM)

CNN: Tea Party boils from the bottom up

Conservative Pep Rally Draws Hundreds (CA)

Tea Party gains steam as dissatisfaction brews (OH)

Paladino looks to capitalize on Tea Party movement in New York

Behind GOP surge: male voters

Tea Party: Republicans as Much to Blame as Dem

George Will: It’s The GOP That’s Behaving Badly, Not The Tea Party

Tea party unites for conference (KY)

Tea Party Express: We Turn Politics on Its Head

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tea Party Express on Face the Nation: We Turn Politics on Its Head


"Where do you get this money?" Schieffer asked. 
"Well, the Tea Party Express is a federal political action committee. We don't have a 501(c)3 or a 527 or any of these other devices. So all of our money has to come from individuals," Russo said. "By law we can't take corporate donations, and our contributions are limited to less than $5,000. So we have about a half-million members around the country. They contribute, I think, about an average of $62, $63 per person. 
"So we're the purist form of democracy, I think, in the Tea Party movement," Russo said, "in the sense that when we want to do something we don't have any money to start with. We have to send an e-mail out to our people and say, 'Hey, we think Sharon Angle will be a great candidate in Nevada. Do you want to get behind her? Here's what we want to do to get on television.' They have to send us money to finance it. 
"We're very responsive to what our people want. If we have good ideas, then they respond by contributing, and we're able to go out and help these campaigns." 
"So are you telling me that you don't get any donation larger than $5,000? No way, no how somebody could give your organization more than that, one single person?" Schieffer asked. 
"That's absolutely correct," Russo replied. 

National Tea Party News Headlines for Sunday September 26

A Sampling of National Tea Party Headlines

November elections will be big test of tea party's staying power

The American Debate: Stormy marriage looms for Republicans and tea partyers

Tea Party vs Netroots; Rs vs Ds: Who's Online Base is Bigger?

Coffee party urges voters to get involved at Louisville convention (KY)

River Valley Tea Party Group Hosts Forums (AK)

Tea party activists upbeat about winning state races, influencing candidates (TN)

Krauthammer: Elephants welcome to Tea Party: The right has good reason to embrace the anger of ordinary voters

The Tea Party is now more powerful than President Obama

Tired of 'tea party' sniping, moderates organize,0,2187941.story

Tea party cool to GOP pledge

Knoxnews: Tennessee Tea Party activists upbeat

NASHVILLE - While Tennessee tea parties have blossomed as part of a national phenomenon, the state was already a fertile field for staunchly conservative politics and residents willing to be vocally confrontational in presenting their views.

That may be part of the reason state GOP Chairman Chris Devaney can proclaim, "There is harmony between the tea party and the Republican Party in Tennessee."

If not exactly harmony, some tea party activists depict the relationship as more of an uneasy and perhaps temporary alliance. But certainly, the hostility has not reached the level as in states such as Delaware, where the losing establishment candidate, U.S. Rep. Mike Castle, refused to back the tea party favorite who defeated him in last week's U.S. Senate primary.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Entrepreneur Jessica Mah started her eBay Store when she was 14

Clearly, this is a person the Obama administration needs to target. She is precisely the kind of greedy, rich person who is poisoning his new socialist society. 

If she is not already making $250k plus then she is well on her way and creating many jobs along the way. Even more importantly she is creating new value and productivity for her customers and that is, of course, the real value of a new business.


Dangerous Tea Party Grandma goes to Court


She was told by a poll worker that she needed to either change her shirt or cover it up.

"They said the shirt I was wearing was making a political statement," Wickberg said. "All it says is 'We the People - Reclaiming our Constitution.' "

Friday, September 24, 2010

Three Minnesota Tea Party activists sound off


Explaining the anger
It was a beautiful morning. Although these still are hard times, the area around the suburban coffee shop where we met was bustling with activity. Parking lots were filled with newer-looking cars. 
So why this anger that seems to be so basic to the movement? 
All answered quickly, without reservation. The anger is over a concern about the future: the national debt, ever-expanding, more intrusive government, less liberty.

Carol Wegner, Walter Hudson and Randy Liebo are board members of the North Star Tea Party Patriots.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Tea Party: Brewing up a movement, Knoxville News Sentinel Video


Contributions from Academia overwhelmingly go to Democrats


Univ. of California$483,981$0$483,981$414,351$69,63086%14%
Harvard University$424,478$0$424,478$327,028$97,45077%23%
Stanford University$375,553$0$375,553$280,703$93,85075%25%
Apollo Group$265,625$78,600$177,025$200,950$64,17576%24%
Career College Ass'n$226,111$206,311$19,800$148,611$77,50066%34%
University of Texas$139,867$0$139,867$116,487$23,38083%17%
Columbia University$126,690$0$126,690$91,690$35,00072%28%
Full Sail$126,070$0$126,070$93,400$29,77074%24%
Keiser University$118,242$0$118,242$59,900$29,50051%25%
Princeton Review$115,000$0$115,000$115,000$0100%0%