Monday, September 20, 2010

Congress approval resumes decline to new LOW

The new poll numbers, especially if reiterated by others in coming days, are likely to force the fall's political storyline back on the Democrats' Day of Reckoning, Nov. 2, and off of preferred distractions such as the Tea Party's political spell over so many.
Additionally, as the Washington Post reports this morning, more Democrat candidates are now distancing themselves from their party's Washington leadership in hopes of salvaging their jobs. This strangely does not include Pennsylvania's one-time rebel Rep. Joe Sestak, who defied White House wishes and job offers to successfully challenge newly-discovered Democrat incumbent Arlen Specterin the primary. In a reconciliation fueled by dual expediency, Obama will campaign today for Sestak, who trails conservative Republican Pat Toomey in polls.
Particularly worrisome for Democrats, with President Obama's first midterm elections just 43 days, is that the approval of Congress has already sunk below the lowest Gallup approval ever recorded in a midterm year, the 21% recorded in 1994 and 2006.