Thursday, September 02, 2010

National Tea Party News Headlines for Thursday September 2

A Sampling of National Tea Party News Headlines

Lindsey Graham, tea partiers (and media eventually) meet

VIDEO: Delaware GOP Chairman Blasts Upstart Tea Party Express Candidate

Angle Signs Tea Party Pledge

Alaska Senate: Miller (R) 50% McAdams (D) 44%

Labor and liberal groups to hold Oct. 2 rally on Mall to counter Beck, Tea Party

AP: Is the tea party becoming the new Grand Old Party?

Pawtucket Tea Party will hold candidates night Sept. 8 (RI)

Perriello opts for public event after tea party closes meeting (VA)

Cadiz TEA Party to recall events of 9/11 (OH)

Why The Tea Party Is Like A Starfish, Not A Spider

Video: Victory for the Tea Party? Interview with Joe Miller