Monday, September 13, 2010

The Tea Party has exposed the GREAT LIE and that is why they hate us

The Tea Party has exposed the biggest conspiracy of them all and that is why they hate us. This conspiracy makes all other conspiracies pale in comparison. The grassy knoll is for amateurs. Birthers and Truthers are pikers.

The REAL conspiracy is the conspiracy to push the great lie. The great lie keeps millions in ill gotten cash. The great lie grants power to those who would never have it otherwise and will do most anything to keep it. The great lie is promoted by Republicans and Democrats alike. Barack Obama is simply the latest of many Presidents who have looked into a TV camera and repeated the great lie.

And along comes the Tea Party and the great lie is exposed for what it is, a GREAT LIE.

What is the great lie? Its very simple and can be stated many different ways but here is probably the simplest version: 

Politicians can make better decisions about your family and your property than you can.