Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Ala indictment: "if you fu*kers. fu*k us...there will be no peace"


You should, though, read the federal indictment.  It reads like a novel.  The scope and brazen nature of the criminal enterprise, while not entirely surprising, is shocking nonetheless.


Here’s a fun little excerpt from the indictment (page 15):
Toward the end of the day on or about March 2, 2010, the sponsor of SB380 asked MCGREGOR for permission to retaliate against Legislator 2 and other legislators who did not support the bill. During the conversation, the legislator stated, “I . . . want your authority . . . I mean the collective authority . . . to say, if you fuckers fuck us on this [legislation] . . . there will be no peace. . . . We’re coming after your ass.” MCGREGOR responded, “Big man, let me tell you, I don’t even have to think about it. You’ve got mine . . . .” The sponsor continued, reiterating, “I want the authority to say this is your vote, you vote yes or no and this is what we’re going to judge you by.” Again, MCGREGOR affirmed that he was “110% on board with that.”