Saturday, November 06, 2010

National Tea Party News Headlines for Saturday November 6

A Sampling of National Tea Party News Headlines

Tea partiers say they'll be watching 'like hawks',0,4537121.story

McConnell Bestows First Post-Election Radio Address on Tea Party Darling

Politico: The Tea Party slot

Can the Tea Party Really Change Congress?,8599,2029359,00.html

The meteoric rise of the tea party -- and the limits of its power

Republicans Credit Tea Party for Gains in Midterm Election

Tim Walberg credits tea party movement; played 'huge role'

Video: Republican Leadership battle

Are Canadian politics hot enough to brew a Tea Party?

Jordan to speak at two tea party gatherings Monday in Mansfield

Pearce says Arizona will have 'Tea Party Senate'

Tea Party activists assess election impact in N.J.

Tea Party Wins House for Republicans, Wants Rewards in Congress

Facebook Plays Big Role in Midterms

AP: Tea party complicated GOP Senate math