Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bredesen should stop this NOW

Reagan Farr and Matt Kisber and Phil Bredesen continue to make a mockery of government ethics standards. Thank you Tennessean for brining this to light. Phil Bredesen should put a stop this NOW.

Kisber and former Revenue Commissioner Reagan Farr held the meeting with officials from Nashville-based Corrections Corporation of America, said CCA spokeswoman Louise Grant. They discussed solar usage and Kisber and Farr's new solar power company, Silicon Ranch Corp., she said.

"The two of our employees who routinely meet with various prospective vendors nationally related to energy efficiency and green technologies were in the meeting with Mr. Farr and Mr. Kisber about Silicon Ranch in late October," Grant said. "CCA did let them know that we are not pursuing solar energy at this time for our facilities."