Thursday, December 23, 2010

Corporate welfare does not work but dysfunction is not the real problem

So-called economic development and other corporate welfare schemes don't work, they distort the market, and they are open invitations to corruption but that is not the real problem with these programs.

The BIG problem is that these programs turn our politicians into self-aggrandizing boobs who actually believe they are capable of "creating jobs" through "economic development." The pols are stunned that anyone would question their motives but question we must.

These pols are actually comfortable with the idea that highly paid corporate shills should come to them in secret, on bended knee asking for "incentives" as if this is the proper role of government.

We did not elect these people to act like royalty, handing out taxpayer booty. But of course the pols just love to show up at the grand opening photo-op and accept the praise and more importantly the votes at election time under the rubric of job creation.

These "incentives" are bribes using taxpayer money to buy votes. The pols will never stop this game unless the citizens demand it. Hopefully that time will come.