Thursday, December 02, 2010

Lamar says Schumer's plan is a tax hike Earmark for New Yorkers

“I’m delighted to hear the eloquence of the senator from New York,” said the Tennessee Republican, with a merry glint in his eye, after the Democrat from Brooklyn challenged him directly to take the compromise. The idea would trim several hundred billion dollars from the deficit.

“As I was listening to him, I was reminded that most of the people whose taxes he is trying to raise live in New York — I mean, they’re not in Tennessee,” Alexander said.

“So I admire him for his courage on what’s almost a tax earmark, to be so specific that we’re going to raise taxes on just a small number of people, most of whom live on Wall Street and in New York,” said a jovial Alexander, perhaps hoping some of those deep-pocketed Schumer constituents might complain.

But Schumer thinks those constituents won’t mind.

“Lots of the wealthy people I speak to, Republicans, in my state say, ‘You know what? I know the rates could go back up to what they were in the Clinton years for me, and I can afford it,’” Schumer said.