Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rescuers fined $90 each after freeing deer from Patapsco ice

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"The deer was stuck and couldn't get up off the ice," he said.

Abusakran and Hart then went out into the water, which they described as about 10 feet deep. Hart said they had to work to break the ice using their oars and shovels. The two men were finally able to break open a wide enough section of ice to free the deer.

Abusakran said he later noticed that he thought the deer was pregnant. He released her into Baltimore Highlands Park.

Hart said the Natural Resources officer issued them $90 citations for not having personal flotation devices on board. State law requires that all boaters have a personal flotation device with them at all times on any navigable body of water, though they are not required to wear them unless they are younger than 16.

But Abusakran said he had two personal flotation devices in his boat, and that he repeatedly told the Natural Resources officer.