Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tennessean highlights tortured political logic of crony capitalism

Hallelujah!! Finally, some Tennessee companies are fighting back against crony capitalism. I am not sure why existing Tennessee businesses are so meek when it comes to politicians granting favors that put them at a disadvantage...hope this is the start of something big.


Retailers ranging from a small independent bookstore owner in Dickson to giant big box chains are lining up against Amazon and a sales tax break it wants from Tennessee.

Hanging in the balance is whether customers who live in Tennessee, and who
buy from, will have to pay sales taxes on their purchases.

Opposition storeowners want Amazon to collect sales tax from Tennesseans even after the Internet sales giant opens two distribution centers in East Tennessee. They say other retailers with brick-and-mortar locations in the state collect taxes on their Web-based orders, and Amazon shouldn't get a free pass.

But state leaders might give the Internet Goliath just that as a "thank you" of sorts for the jobs the company will create at the distribution complex.