Thursday, January 13, 2011

This is how you do "economic development" RIGHT

Most governors and mayors want to do "economic development" by secretly negotiating sweetheart deals with large corporations behind closed doors giving away millions of taxpayer dollars. Its called bribery and the object is to buy votes.

The new governor of Wisconsin wants to lower tax rates for ALL businesses and compete with other states based on total tax burden.

Gov. Scott Walker is planning an all-out border war with Illinois, hoping his promise of a better economic climate will lure businesses away from a state considering a historic tax hike.

The Illinois House early Wednesday approved a 67 percent increase in that state's personal income tax rate, and a 46 percent increase in its corporate tax rate. If made law, the measure would go a long way in closing the considerable tax gap between Wisconsin and its southern neighbor — something the governor hopes will provide an opportunity for job growth here.