Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Fla. Gov. Scott urges tea party to help pass his proposed budget cuts

EUSTIS — Gov. Rick Scott may not be a career politician, but he used a campaign-style rally here today to try to get the energy of the tea party movement behind his budget proposal before it goes to potentially skeptical lawmakers.

Scott unveiled the broad outlines of his spending blueprint to hundreds of cheering tea party activists in a church about 200 miles from the corridors of Tallahassee. While the governor spoke, his office released details on the Internet.

"We are cutting state spending by $5 billion and cutting your taxes by $2 billion," Scott told the audience. He also mentioned a contentious revamping of the state's employee pension system that would save $2.8 billion over two years by requiring teachers and other workers to begin contributing 5 percent of their pay toward their retirement.