Sunday, February 20, 2011

Flashback: TEA Rallies to support a TN State Income Tax

During the years 1999-2002, Tennesseans from across the State came to the State Capital to oppose and protest a State Income Tax. The income tax was eventually defeated then but still remains a threat and will definitely be revived if supporters deem it politically possible.

There was one group that consistently and enthusiastically supported a State Income tax and the higher tax burden and bigger government it would bring. That group was the teacher's union, the Tennessee Education Association or TEA. Below are pictures from a rally on legislative plaza sponsored by the TEA and other groups in support of a State Income Tax.

Then Governor Don Sunquist looks on as the TEA rallies teachers in support of a State Income Tax.

Then Speaker Jimmy Naifeh speaks to the TEA Rally on Legislative Plaza in support of a State Income Tax.