Saturday, February 05, 2011

Obama can't be this clueless...can he?

Businesses don't employ new workers or new technology or new capital because the President asks them. They employ these new resources ONLY when they expect these new resources will help them make more PROFIT. Our President can not be this ignorant of the free market? Can he?

“Businesses have a responsibility, too,” said Obama in his weekly address on Saturday. “If we make America the best place to do business, businesses should make their mark in America. They should set up shop here, and hire our workers, and pay decent wages, and invest in the future of this nation. That’s their obligation.


The message is that “government and businesses have mutual responsibilities; and that if we fulfill these obligations together, it benefits us all,” said Obama. “Our workers will succeed. Our nation will prosper. And America will win the future in this century just like we did in the last.”