Wednesday, February 16, 2011

TN Prisoners did pretty well scamming the IRS

Prisoners in Florida, Georgia and California lead the nation's inmate population in scamming payments from an unlikely benefactor: the IRS.
Seemingly proving the adage that crime pays, even behind bars, prisoners in the three states received nearly $19 million in IRS refunds during 2009 after filing false or fraudulent tax returns, according to an IRS report to Congress that was included in a federal audit released in January. 
The haul was part of $39.1 million in undeserved federal tax refunds the IRS issued to jail and prison inmates nationwide for phantom jobs on phony returns, the data shows. That's nearly triple the $13.4 million annual in tax refunds the IRS reported it issued to prison scammers just five years earlier.

Here are the Stats from TN Prisons.
Facility name and number of fraudulent returns:

Tennessee Tn - Wayne County Boot Camp 5

Tennessee Tn - Brushy Mountain Correctional Complex 34

Tennessee Tn - Mark H. Luttrell Correctional Center 40

Tennessee Tn - Charles B. Bass Correctional Complex 46

Tennessee Tn - Lois M. Deberry Special Needs Facility 49

Tennessee Tn - Tennessee Prison For Women 51

Tennessee Tn - Southeastern Tenn St Regional Corr F 63

Tennessee Tn - Riverbend Maximum Security Institution 73

Tennessee Tn - Morgan County Correctional Complex 80

Tennessee Tn - Turney Center Industrial Prison 90

Tennessee Tn - Whiteville Correctional Facility 117

Tennessee Tn - West Tennessee State Penitentiary 215

Tennessee Tn - Hardeman County Correctional Facility 295

Tennessee Tn - Northwest Correctional Complex 354

Tennessee Tn - Northeast Correctional Complex 433

Tennessee Tn - South Central Correctional Facility 487