Friday, March 11, 2011

Electrolux says pay them $150 mil in taxpayer booty or ELSE!!

I am sick and tried of politicians who think they can negotiate in secret and succumb to corporate extortion on behalf of the taxpayers. This is getting WAY out of hand and the only way to stop it is for citizens to speak up. Politicians can not stop themselves and the corporations sure as hell won't stop it.

Luttrell, Wharton and other parties negotiated secretly with Electrolux as it considered Memphis and other sites in the United States and Mexico as a replacement for a Canadian factory. The mayors and other parties worked to steer the company well over $150 million in taxpayer-funded incentives as an inducement to build the facility, which will produce ranges, wall ovens and cooktops.


Haslam's press secretary, David Smith, said late Tuesday that the governor has seen the Electrolux letter and that the "administration is fully committed to the deal."

Smith said the administration is "trying to see if there's any flexibility" with the company on the timing of the funding.

Luttrell said he predicted more twists and turns as the item moves through the legislature. "I think you're going to see other questions come up as this thing moves forward," he said.