Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gibson County Mayor "red face and embarrassed"...Oh MY

Economic development is becoming a silly soap opera with wounded politicians taking the starring role.

The Gibson County Mayor says he was embarrassed and humiliated because he didn't have as much taxpayer money to offer as some other county mayor...boo hoo. He was testifying on behalf of a wheel tax hike being considered by the Gibson County Commission to be used for so-called "economic development."

The whole crazy idea that we should look to politicians for economic development was created by, drum roll, politicians. 

If "economic development" is reduced to how much money politicians have to bribe companies we are all in big trouble.

He cited a project that the county recently lost that would have brought 200 jobs. Gibson County had a suitable building and utilities but was only able to offer $30,000 while officials in another county committed $300,000. Currently, the county government has less than $45,000 available for economic development.

"We didn't just get beat — we got the brakes beat off us," Witherspoon said. "To say I was red faced and embarrassed was an understatement."

"We can either show Nashville (state officials) we're serious about this or show we're not."