Friday, March 04, 2011

Study: Public School Teachers make 34% more than private


1. Overall, public school teachers make a 34.11% premiumcompared to their private school counterparts.

2. Controlling for experience, public school teachers make a premium that generally increases with the number of years teaching, reaching a maximum premium of 49% for public school teachers with 25-29 years of experience.

Average Salaries, 2007-2008
ExperiencePrivatePublicPublic Premium
 1 year or less$32,120$42,21031.41%
 2 to 4 years$34,220$43,49027.09%
 5 to 9 years$38,110$49,12028.89%
 10 to 14 years$41,310$54,15031.08%
 15 to 19 years$42,740$58,26036.31%
 20 to 24 years$43,880$61,21039.49%
 25 to 29 years$42,910$63,86048.82%
 30 or more years$50,560$65,47029.49%
Highest Degree Earned
 Less than bachelor's degree$26,670$53,880102.02%
 Bachelor's degree$36,880$47,06027.60%
 Master's degree$45,340$58,46028.94%
 Education specialist3$50,880$62,41022.66%
 Doctor's degree$57,490$65,56014.04%