Sunday, March 13, 2011

Terry Frank's Great op/ed: Now is NOT the time to lower your voice

A little honesty is order. It’s not the tone or the rhetoric the political class doesn’t like, it’s an American public awakened that is not appreciated. Whether it’s President Obama and Nancy Pelosi, or even Senator Lamar Alexander and our newly elected Tennessee Speaker Beth Harwell and her call for an end to “bickering”, the message they send is loud and clear: “trust us, there’s nothing to see here; now move on along.”

Don’t fall for it. Stay active. Be loud. Continue to engage. The politicians rules of engagement have led us to where we are today with nearly 50% of your income going to state, local and federal government. Their calls for an end to stalemate means the political raiders continue their march to destroy the great American middle class—a middle class that has been the envy and the very backbone of the world.

A lot of change is happening and happening quickly. Government is growing quicker than your retirement fund. Their debt balloons faster than your children grow. Their arrogance swells as your dollar shrinks and our culture crumbles.

Ignore their calls to calm down. Get busy. When you’re excited about your team, you cheer. When a life is endangered, you shout. Your passion on the political playing field should be no less subdued. Fight on, friends. Fight on.