Friday, April 29, 2011

South Carolina says no to corporate extortion, Thank YOU Nikki Haley

Many years ago a governor, somewhere, decided his re-election chances could be enhanced if he bribed a large corporation to locate a new facility in his state. That governor did not create jobs, he simply bribed a job creator. He took a big wad of taxpayer cash and tossed it to the big corporation.

Now many years later, all governors play this corrupt game...until Nikki Haley. She has said no to illegal bribery masquerading as "job creation." Thank you Nikki Haley and all the legislators who pulled us all from back the brink of a completely corrupt government.

But others say the vote marked a welcome break from the state’s traditional job recruitment posture of favoring big businesses over small ones and giving unfair advantages to some over others.
“This is a pivotal moment in the state’s economic development history,” USC economist Doug Woodward said. “We’ll have to take some time to study the lessons surrounding this issue, both politically and economically.