Friday, April 01, 2011

Tea Party activist to GOP: 'Take off your lace panties,' cut more from the budget

One activist - Kathy Dirr who resides in Speaker John Boehner's Ohio district - used stark language as she spoke to the crowd, urging House Republican leadership to, "take off your lace panties" and push for deeper cuts.

This comes as Democrats and Republicans continue to engage in the political equivalent of stare down negotiations over the budget. 
At the rally, sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots, lawmakers and activists spoke to what appeared to be a few hundred supporters. Among the speakers were Representatives Steve King of Iowa, Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin.
Another speaker, Republican Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana, echoed the sentiment of many conservatives.

"With a deficit this year of $1.65 trillion and a national debt of $14 trillion and a defiant liberal majority in the Senate, it is time to pick a fight," Pence thundered in front of the grassroots activists.