Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Corporate welfare is just freakin BIZARRE

OUR legislators, who represent us and approve the spending of OUR money ask a corporate officer from Amazon what kind of secret deal he made with the Governor. Up is down, left is right, illegal is legal.

The State of Tennessee should not be in the business of making secret deals to bribe huge corporations!!!!!!!

Senate Finance Committee members peppered an Amazon official today with questions about a secret sales-tax exemption agreement state officials struck to persuade the company to build two distribution centers in Southeast Tennessee.

The Internet retailing giant also came under fire in Nashville from traditional brick-and-mortar retailers who asserted it was unfair to let Amazon avoid charging state sales taxes to its in-state customers while they continue to be required to collect the taxes.

Finance Committee Chairman Randy McNally, R-Oak Ridge, who has a bill that seeks to force Amazon to collect sales taxes, asked the company’s director of state policy, Braden Cox, whether the previous Bredesen administration “made a commitment in order to get Amazon into Tennessee?”

Cox said Amazon officials had negotiated with state officials “as you know and there were commitments made.”

“I guess I just don’t know the legal nature of them,” said Cox, noting he was not involved. “Whether they’re actually something that can be upheld in state court. I don’t know that. But I know they were made in a business context, an inducement for us to want to come to Tennessee.”