Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let the Democrats hitch their wagon to the Medicare disaster

There were many factors involved in the NY26 election but to the extent Medicare was involved, let the Democrats own it. Let them wallow in it and love it. They can also have the Post Office and Amtrak and the IRS. Medicare is a third rate treatment system that was destined for bankruptcy the day it was created. It rewards mediocrity and is an administrative nightmare.

President Obama's "solution" for the Medicare disaster is to put cost cutting decisions into the hands of a panel of bureaucrats who will use central planning to spread the misery. Central planning has NEVER worked and will simply make Medicare more of a disaster. Costs will continue to rise and quality of care will become third world.

I am approaching retirement age and I would MUCH rather have a private insurance option instead of the current bureaucracy run fact Ryan should include the private option immediately instead of waiting for those now 54.

This is a slam dunk for Republicans. Let the Democrats embrace their inner-albatross.