Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who supports a Democratic Gov's Budget in NY? The Tea Party

An exclusive NY1-Marist College poll finds Governor Andrew Cuomo's handling of the New York state budget gets a 66-percent approval rating from the state's Tea Party supporters, more than any other group.

"All things being equal, you would say, 'How could the Tea Party be supporting or endorsing what a Democratic governor, whose last name is Cuomo, is doing?' And yet that is exactly what we’re seeing," says Lee Miringoff of Marist College.

Fewer Democrats -- 58 percent -- back Cuomo’s budget actions. Women turn out to be his toughest crowd, with just 44 percent approval.

Tea Party supporters also generally think the budget will be good for the state.

"The budget has no new taxes, there are cuts in spending. These are keeping with what the Tea Party philosophy is all about," says Miringoff.

Among Tea Party supporters, 64 percent think the budget is good for the state. Even more suburban registered voters -- 67 percent -- think the state will benefit from the budget.

However, just 47 percent of New York City voters agree.