Monday, June 27, 2011

$125 billion in improper payments REPORTED by Federal Agencies

Federal agencies reported improper payments of an estimated $125.4
billion in fiscal year 2010. This $125.4 billion estimate comes from over 70
programs spread among 20 federal agencies. Many of those programs
reporting improper payments were federal grant programs. A majority of
the $125.4 billion of reported improper payments is accounted for by 10
programs. The 10 programs account for about $118 billion, or 94 percent,
of the total estimated improper payments reported for fiscal year 2010.
Five of those top 10 programs were grant programs, and included
improper payment estimates for Medicaid ($22.5 billion), Unemployment
Insurance ($17.5 billion), Supplemental nutrition assistance programs
($2.2 billion), the National school lunch program ($1.5 billion), and Pell
Grants ($1 billion).