Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Are Republicans caving on debt ceiling negotiations? YES

Republican leadership is slowly but surely throwing away the best opportunity they will have in the next two years to make a meaningful change is DC spending.

This is the defining issue. There is no secondary issue. Meaningful and dramatic spending reductions are job one, the prime directive, the highest priority.

The Republican leadership is very tight lipped and refuses to say publicly what is going on. This is very bad news. All the polls are in our favor, the stoplight is GREEN.  We need a full court press with both public and private pressure.

This is no time to be coy or timid. We are in TROUBLE!! We have a crisis of confidence. The American people, employers and employees, need a clear indication that Washington GETS IT!! We, the citizens, can handle our business just fine. It is the GOVERNMENT that is the problem.

We are waiting to see if OUR government is capable of managing its affairs.