Sunday, June 05, 2011

City of Sparta to Chamber of Commerce: You is our b%tch, deal with it

NO taxpayer money should ever go to a Chamber of Commerce...none, zip, nada. Chambers of Commerce who sell their souls for a few taxpayer dollars don't deserve the respect of the taxpayers or the chamber members.

“The purpose of my letter is to notify you and the Chamber’s Board of Directors that the City of Sparta is dissatisfied with the current operation of the Chamber. Problems continue to persist with communication between the City and the Chamber, and there is a need for transparency in the use of Chamber funds that are partly contributed by the City. The Chamber president must be a person who will remain completely neutral and unbiased at all times when involved in issues pertaining to the growth and well-being of Sparta, as well as White County. In light of these issues, the Board of Aldermen and myself, as Mayor, will suspend the City’s funding of the Chamber of Commerce until proper personnel policies and procedures are established, as well as a mission statement setting forth the Chamber’s direction for the future.

Our hope is not to put undue stress or hardship on the Chamber of Commerce but to make sure the Chamber has the best interest of the City of Sparta in mind if we are to continue funding this program.”

The mayor was in attendance at the meeting and addressed the Chamber board.