Friday, June 24, 2011

Haslam or Bredesen? NEITHER, Governors DO NOT Create Jobs

Governors DO NOT Create Jobs!!

Governor's use taxpayer money to bribe companies who create jobs. These large companies gladly accept these huge taxpayer funded bribes so Governors can lie and say THEY created the jobs. Governor's will continue to give away MORE and MORE of OUR money until we STOP them.

Gov. Bill Haslam said Thursday it’s a “mixed bag” on whether his administration or his predecessor’s should get credit for the number of jobs announced on his watch thus far, as his Department of Economic and Community Development trumpets new hiring in the state.

Haslam hinted Thursday there may be more news on the jobs front in the coming days.

Jobs can’t come soon enough in Tennessee, given the state’s 9.7 percent unemployment rate, reflected in the figures from May, and that’s an increase from the April rate of 9.6 percent.