Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Huge Tennessee Tax Hikes that no politician seems to care about

Year after Year tuition at Tennessee Board of Regents colleges goes up far beyond the rate of inflation and far beyond anything reasonable. This is a major ripoff of Tennessee parents and students.

The University of Memphis got the worst of it when tuition increases were recommended by the Tennessee Board of Regents' finance committee Monday.

The board recommended increases mostly in the 8 or 9 percent range, but the UofM is set for an 11 percent increase, which comes to $288 more per 12-hour undergraduate semester, as compared with $192 per 12-hour undergraduate semester at East Tennessee State University or $132 per 12-hour semester at Southwest Tennessee Community College (which will have an additional $20/hour fee for nursing and allied health classes).

A final decision will be made at a June 24 meeting of TBR's full board.