Saturday, June 18, 2011

The new Samsung Galaxy S2 phone, the real deal, an Iphone killer

After putting my Iphone through the washing machine I looked around for a replacement. I had almost decided to buy a cheap replacement and just wait for the Iphone 5 or whatever Apple will call it. Then I began reading about the Samsung Galaxy S2. All the reviews were glowing and as I read further it became clear this phone represented a real break with the past. I took the plunge and ordered one from eBay and after a few days with the phone, I can tell you its even better than the glowing reviews:

1- It is incredibly thin and lite, almost too light, feels like a breeze would blow it out of your hand. No smart phone is thinner, its about the thickness of the cardboard in a cardboard box.

2. Call quality and reception is the best I have experienced. According to people on the other end of the line, its clear as a bell.

3- The screen is the best I have ever seen. When you are viewing videos it's like you are looking out of a window.

4- Very quick and responsive, seems to be more responsive than my PC in many ways.

5- And the!!! It's just incredible. Full 1080P HD video and the stills rival an expensive camera. Like any camera the operator makes a huge difference but with just a little bit of care you can take incredible pictures.

Here is a gallery of Paris shots someone posted on Face Book and below are videos.