Monday, June 27, 2011

We do NOT Need Governors to be Gate Keepers for Economic Development

Bill Haslam should completely reject the ridiculous and freedom killing notion that he should use his position as Governor to be some kind of gatekeeper for economic development decisions. Americans fought a war several years back to stop a monarch from imposing his will upon the economic decisions of a free people. Bill Haslam should LEAD on this issue and STOP the payment of taxpayer funded bribes to large corporations.

Six million Tennesseans pursuing their own enlightened self-interest, in freedom and dignity, is quite sufficient for our economy to thrive.

At the state level, the governor said the biggest issue facing policymakers is finding a balance between recruiting new jobs and the burgeoning cost to taxpayers of the incentives that subsidize them.

"It's a buyer's market when it comes to site location now. I was surprised at how many interested parties we had in the pipeline. But I was also surprised at their expectation levels" from the state, he said.